Synthetic Nitrile Examination Gloves
Keeping you protected every step of the way
Comfortable Anti Fatigue

Long hours are not a problem anymore with the Safe plus gloves.

Extra strech

Guaranteed no break, no leak extra quality.

Double Gloving not required

Extra quality means you do not need to double glove.

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Designed to fit both left and right hands, EDMA gloves are soft and comfortable, while offering the best hand protection.


Non-sterile gloves are used for the majority of medical procedures that are considered non-surgical.


Suitable for sensitive skin, EDMA gloves can reduce sweating and discomfort while working long hours.

Available Sizes S (6.5 – 7), M (7.5 – 8), L (8.5 – 9), XL (9.5 – 10)
Color Blue
Material Nitrile
Latex Free Yes
Cuff Lenght Standard
Powder Content Powder Free
External Glove Surface Fully Textured
Freedom from holes
(Inspection Level 1)
1.5 AQL
Palm Thickness (MM/MIL) 0.09 / 3.5
Finger Thickness (MM/MIL) 0.12 / 4.7
Allergy Prevention Latex (Type 1)
Glove Lenght (MM/Inches) 240/9.5
Product Segmentation Multipurpose
Spec Sheet


33.5 × 25.8 × 24.8 cm

30,000 boxes / 40 ft HC container


33.5 × 25.8 × 24.8 cm

30,000 cartons / 40 ft HC container

Multiple range

While medical and dental professionals trust Safe Plus gloves, their use extends beyond the healthcare sector.

Other professionals who use Safe Plus gloves include those in the restaurant industry, bars, food services, tattoo studios, cosmetic salons, social stations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and private businesses.



FDA & CE Fully certified and approved

Fully compliant with all FDA guidelines, the EDMA line of Nitrile Safe nitrile gloves surpass industry standards. Our gloves help protect against the spread of germs, diseases, and viruses and provide advanced protection from hazardous chemicals and bodily fluids.

ASTM Certification
CE Certification
ISO Certification
Food Certification
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Nitrile vs Latex2021-05-09T20:46:38+00:00

Nitrile is a superior choice compared to Latex, has none of the disadvantages of Latex and has more benfits. Some of the benefits include extra stretch meaning that they won’t break as easily providing extra protection whilst helping with hand fatigue and assuring that double gloving is not needed.

Latex Allergy2021-05-09T20:57:23+00:00

Our Medical Gloves are specifically designed to only use Nitrile butadiene rubber also knowns as NBR for short. Nitrile is an allergy free compund which is an ideal replacement for the old Latex compound gloves used in the past. Although rare cases of allergy have been reported it is considered the safest alternative to Latex.

Nitrile Stretch Test2021-05-09T20:58:32+00:00

Our Nitrile based gloves have received the highest marks for purity, allowing for an above industry standard results which exceede 500% in elongation. Allowing you the freedom to use the gloves when you need it. No breaks, no ruptures and only the highest quality.

Tearing and double gloving2021-05-09T20:59:22+00:00

Our mission is to provide the best gloves possible and keep striving to improve. Delivering above industry standards products and staying true to our mission. We believe there is no shortcut in provinding reliable and high quality medical gloves to those who need it. As such our Medical gloves have certified and approved quality markers which quarantee no tearing and no double gloving even in the most demanding jobs.  Edma Medical glove line is always there to support you.

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